Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SlumDog Millioaire the little movie that could!!!

O.k. having seen this movie twice, and probably a third time when it is in wide release, I can honestly say this is Danny Boyle's greatest achievement. To use mostly unknown actors and to make a film in India and a game show is far-fetched??? Right?? Wrong, this movie has depth , characters that stick with you , and an amazing soundtrack. Danny is right up there with some of the better directors today and if you don't know him rent 28Days Later, Trainspotting, and Sunshine. Talk about thinking outside the box, this guy literally re-invents himself between movies.

I really hope this movie gets nominated and wins at the Oscars, it already has a golden globe nod but then again they also nominated Tom Cruise for Best Actor for Tropic Thunder, can you really take them seriously?? I mean really??!!!

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