Monday, October 11, 2010

My top ten movies! Please comment and add to the list:)

I wanted to run down my top ten movies. Each have a special place in my heart whether it is a horror flick or downright cheesy factor.

10. Aliens (James Cameron)
09. The Thing ( John Carpenter)
08. Sunshine ( Danny Boyle , the third act through off many people but I enjoyed it)
07. HEAT ( Pacino and Deniro, Michael Mann was on top of his game!)
06. The Dark Knight ( I can't remember the last time I saw a movie 3 times in a theater)
05. Raider of the Lost Ark ( As a kid this one through me for a loop)
04. Requiem for a Dream ( Darren Aronofsky's masterpiece!)
03. Blade Runner ( directors cut with no narration)
02. Slumdog Millionaire ( I was blown away and saw an early screening of this, classic)
01. The Shining ( scared the crap out of me but I still went back to watch it)

** This list can also change within 24 hours ** I was also a big sci fi and scifi horror fan growing up.

After a long hiatus I am back!

I originally intended this blog to be for friends and family. I also recommend many movies to people and I do have an independent spirit within me. Independent movies to me capture much more than big budget Hollywood type movies.

With that being said I intend to be much more active in the upcoming weeks with reviews.

For those who look at the title please do not take it seriously as it sounded good at the time.:) I don't take my self seriously and I am not your run of the mill critic. I am like you in many ways:).