Monday, October 11, 2010

My top ten movies! Please comment and add to the list:)

I wanted to run down my top ten movies. Each have a special place in my heart whether it is a horror flick or downright cheesy factor.

10. Aliens (James Cameron)
09. The Thing ( John Carpenter)
08. Sunshine ( Danny Boyle , the third act through off many people but I enjoyed it)
07. HEAT ( Pacino and Deniro, Michael Mann was on top of his game!)
06. The Dark Knight ( I can't remember the last time I saw a movie 3 times in a theater)
05. Raider of the Lost Ark ( As a kid this one through me for a loop)
04. Requiem for a Dream ( Darren Aronofsky's masterpiece!)
03. Blade Runner ( directors cut with no narration)
02. Slumdog Millionaire ( I was blown away and saw an early screening of this, classic)
01. The Shining ( scared the crap out of me but I still went back to watch it)

** This list can also change within 24 hours ** I was also a big sci fi and scifi horror fan growing up.


  1. Please click on comments and add to your list. I know for me a movie like the Shining stuck with me because of Kubrick's direction. It was weird and the mixture of Jack Nicholson slowly going insane and the hotel scenes were simply memorable.

    What's funny is I saw this movie at the Prospect theater in the Bronx billed as a double feature with Enter the Dragon. Hilarious as they were two totally different movies.

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  3. Hahah...what a double bill! The Shining and Enter The Dragon?! Weird. Here are my top ten movies in no particular order:

    10. Million Dollar Baby
    9. Aliens
    8. Shawshank Redemption
    7. The Dark Knight
    6.The Untouchables
    5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 
    4. Predator (Billy, get to da choppuh!!!)
    3. The Unforgiven (one of the greatest cowboy movies ever)
    2. Friday (One of the funniest movies I've ever seen!)
    1. Heat

    Honorable mentions that could have easily made the list: Alien. Karate Kid Remake, The Rock, any of the Jason Bourne movies (though they had absolutely nothing to do with the Ludlum novels, Avatar, The Thing and Good Will Hunting.

    Like David said, this list is subject to change. It's 6am and I couldn't sleep, so I'm sure I may have forgotten some classics.

  4. Hey Paul I love your list! You got Friday on there......ahhhhh you got knocked the f98ked out! Classic right!

    I think Shawshank is the highest ranking movie on IMDB as well. Ahhh, you know there is a The Thing prequel coming out right? Heard its supposed to take place 3 days before the original movie.

  5. Dang, really? Man, that is one movie that is definitely should be remade. Maybe they'll make the prequel and then come out with a redux version of the original. That would be dope!