Monday, October 11, 2010

My top ten movies! Please comment and add to the list:)

I wanted to run down my top ten movies. Each have a special place in my heart whether it is a horror flick or downright cheesy factor.

10. Aliens (James Cameron)
09. The Thing ( John Carpenter)
08. Sunshine ( Danny Boyle , the third act through off many people but I enjoyed it)
07. HEAT ( Pacino and Deniro, Michael Mann was on top of his game!)
06. The Dark Knight ( I can't remember the last time I saw a movie 3 times in a theater)
05. Raider of the Lost Ark ( As a kid this one through me for a loop)
04. Requiem for a Dream ( Darren Aronofsky's masterpiece!)
03. Blade Runner ( directors cut with no narration)
02. Slumdog Millionaire ( I was blown away and saw an early screening of this, classic)
01. The Shining ( scared the crap out of me but I still went back to watch it)

** This list can also change within 24 hours ** I was also a big sci fi and scifi horror fan growing up.

After a long hiatus I am back!

I originally intended this blog to be for friends and family. I also recommend many movies to people and I do have an independent spirit within me. Independent movies to me capture much more than big budget Hollywood type movies.

With that being said I intend to be much more active in the upcoming weeks with reviews.

For those who look at the title please do not take it seriously as it sounded good at the time.:) I don't take my self seriously and I am not your run of the mill critic. I am like you in many ways:).

Friday, October 16, 2009

AVATAR screening lives up to its hype!

I was able to catch the Avatar IMAX (lite) 3D screening in San Diego a few weeks ago. I have to say that the experience was breathtaking. The screening lasted about 16-20 minutes with the Avatar trailer in the end. I will also keep this review spoiler free.

There was a brief introduction by James Cameron celebrating Avatar day and it immediately starts off with some sort of RhinoHammerheadDino looking creature. Right away the detail that is put into the forest and surrounding areas are clear and the depth perception in every shot makes you feel like you are watching the film in an actual forest. I was lucky enough to sit right square in the middle of the theater so it may the viewing pretty spectacular. We see Jake , who is in a wheelchair and a soldier, who is preparing to enter his Navi' ( Avatar). What happens next is him travelling to Pandora and interracting with the other inhabitants of the planet. The four scenes included the lab, jake running from the rhinodino , jake at night with Zoe Saldana's character, and another scene with Jake trying to get on a banshee in pandora.

Overall the experience was none other I have witnessed before. I believe the last time I got such a good reaction from a scene was the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. The special effects were cutting edge and not scene in film before.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SlumDog Millioaire the little movie that could!!!

O.k. having seen this movie twice, and probably a third time when it is in wide release, I can honestly say this is Danny Boyle's greatest achievement. To use mostly unknown actors and to make a film in India and a game show is far-fetched??? Right?? Wrong, this movie has depth , characters that stick with you , and an amazing soundtrack. Danny is right up there with some of the better directors today and if you don't know him rent 28Days Later, Trainspotting, and Sunshine. Talk about thinking outside the box, this guy literally re-invents himself between movies.

I really hope this movie gets nominated and wins at the Oscars, it already has a golden globe nod but then again they also nominated Tom Cruise for Best Actor for Tropic Thunder, can you really take them seriously?? I mean really??!!!

Marvel now turning the Heat up!

Marvel is now projecting to be the frontunner of SuperHero Flicks in the year 2009! With X-Men Origins coming out and IRON MAN 2 they now have THOR, Captain America, and the Avengers lined up. If the Dark Knight happens to get a Best Picture nod then you best believe that a slew of Comic Book Characters will follow suit.

My Favorite Film of 2008!!!

Surprise , Surprise!!! No Dark Knight!

Mickey's Performance along with Darren's direction makes this my top pick of the year! Tomei and Rachel Evan Wood were also incredible in this movie, only gripe was Rachel not getting enough screen time. It is currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and it is an outstanding flick. I was fortunate enough to catch a screening in San Diego and Darren did a Q@A with the audience. In one scene he let Mickey go at it while serving Deli-Customers at a local market. The scene was priceless and also showed the softer side of Mickey Rourke. In the land of over the top budget action flicks and sub par acting do yourself a favor and see this film, you won't regret it!